Sports Fuzz

Brief Description Teams are composed of 6-11 toys, but opposing teams must have the same number of players. Player stats (Movement, Agility, and Bubba) are determined by the nature and size of each toy, with designated Quarterback and Center receiving specialized training (bonuses to their scores).

The sport takes place on an 11' x 4' playing field (on the living room floor, or out on the lawn), with goal posts made from cardboard (pattern provided). The game is played in four Quarters of pre-determined length. The team which scores the most points by the end of the game, wins. When a team receives possession of the ball, it has four Downs to attempt to successfully advance the ball; each Down consists of one of more game turns. An initiative system determines which toys move when.

Rules cover penalties, passing, hand-offs, fumbles, blocking, tackling, field goals and punts, covering the receiver, and stripping the ball. Kick-offs are performed by finger-snapping the fuzzball (paper folded into a triangular shape), but other activities (i.e., passing) are controlled by stats and dierolls.

Rulebook includes a sample team, and explanation of a sample game.

Period Land of FrolicHaven. Game based on American football
Scale Any toy of 2 foot length or less can be used
Basing None
Contents 44-page rules booklet
Designer Christopher Clark
Publisher First edition published 1995 by Inner City Games Design

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