Legowars II

The Legowars II rules were formerly available on the Web, but that webpage no longer exists.

While seeking an explanation of what had happened, I stumbled upon this story at JEFF'S rec.toys.lego HISTORY webpage. However, I'm not sure if this tale applies to Legowars II, or to some previous set of rules...

LegoWars was a game co-designed in 1993-1994 by Robert Todd Ogrin so that individuals could could roll play with LEGO. The game rules were updated and eventually a good roll playing game was the result. However, on 27 Sept, 1995 Robert received a letter from the legal consultant of LEGO Systems, Inc., asking him very politely to remove the LEGO Systems, Inc. logo and name from all of his rules and images on his World Wide Web site. Thus ended LegoWars.

Robert said the following on what used to be his LegoWars homepage: "LegoWars no more! The LEGO Systems people are afraid that by using their name in our HTML here, that people will come to the conclusion that this site is in some way sponsored by them. I have tried to make it well known that we are not in any way sponsored by the Lego people by placing phrases to that effect in our disclaimers, and hope that people understand that this is true."

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