Fuzzy Heroes

Brief Description Players each command one or more fuzzy animals. Each toy's statistics are derived from its measurements, predominant color, and visible equipment. The basic rules allow toys to move and fight, but the advanced rules add leadership, fortifications, special abilities, new weapons, and fatigue. Includes "They've Kidnapped Santa" scenario.
Period Land of FrolicHaven, ruled by Good King Swineheart
Scale Tactical. Each figure represents an individual fuzzy hero. Any size of toy can be used.
Basing None
Contents 80-page rules booklet
Designer Christopher Clark
Publisher First edition published 1992 by Inner City Games Design

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Supplements Available

Fuzzy Sooper Heroes

Cover picture

This supplement adds a new class of Fuzzy Hero, the Fuzzy Sooper Hero. The 80-page booklet includes 24 new powers, plus a code of conduct (Chivalry) which all Sooper Heroes must follow. The Three Rules of Chivalry in a nutshell are 1) don't retreat unless you have to, 2) fight the meanest bad guy first, and 3) try to make friends if you can. Also included is a new scenario, "The Assault on Castle Stuffmore."

Under the Covers

Cover picture

This supplement adds another new class of Fuzzy Hero, the Fuzzy Secret Agent. This 80-page booklet includes such Top Secret Ability Stuff as sabotage, espionage, and double agents. The Top Secret Gadget Stuff section includes rules for more than 50 new items of equipment. Also included is a new scenario, "Brenda's Being Grounded!"


Inner City also sells helmets for the game. The helmets do not carry team logos.

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