Ge Koku Jo
(The Low Overcome The High)

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Brief Description Simple, quick-playing set of samurai-era skirmish rules. Soldiers (ashigaru, sohei, or samurai) form groups (4-10 figures, depending on type) which in turn form Contingents. Busho, Taisho, and Heroes (Personalities) lead contingents or armies.

During each turn, the draw of cards determines which Personalities can act (or cause units to act). Soldiers take individual actions - fire, move, charge, or special actions (such as gunners reloading teppo). Dice are rolled for movement, and units move as groups. Being outside of a Personality's command radius limits a soldier's actions; and soldiers can charge only if an appropriate Personality is close at hand. Taking casualties or charging requires a group to take a Morale check, the exact nature of which is determined randomly. Personalities can challenge each other to duel.

A point system allows balanced armies to be constructed, and a campaign game is provided. Optional rules include magic, monsters, seppuku, and special abilities for Personalities.

Period Samurai Warfare
Scale Distance, time, and figure scale are deliberately abstract
Basing Individual
Contents 32-page rulebook. (Requires use of playing or index cards, not supplied.)
Designer Lowell A. Francis
Publisher First edition published 1997 by H.G. Walls

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