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Our goal is to provide coverage for all sets of rules. If you are a publisher or a designer and your work is not recognized here, please contact the editor.

We do not present reviews here -- rather, we provide descriptions of rules, and let our readers draw their own conclusions. If you have an opinion about a particular set of rules, please feel free to drop us email so that we can add your input to the "What Players Think" portion of our rules pages.

If you know of a set of rules which are not on this list but should be, send the editor an email with the following information:

That's enough to get the rules on my list. But if you're feeling really ambitious, send me the following information and I'll start a webpage for the rules:

What's a mini-review? Well, that's one way of referring to those What Players Think sections on the rules pages. If you were thinking about submitting one of those, here are some thoughts:

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