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From Macbeth to Medici

These rules cover the period which saw the rise and fall of the mounted knight as the primary combat arm, and as such are all about charging about the place in a disorganised manner, haranguing your allies and subordinates. Well, sometimes.

The salient features of these rules are;
  • Element based structure – why buck a trend?
  • Combat skill specialisation - units are not necessarily good at anything.
  • Acting with initiative – this is going to hurt you more than it hurts me.
  • Accelerated movement – more gets done when the general is watching.
From Macbeth to Medici introduction

Dan Cunliffe, Martin Clark
In Print
Available online (18-page PDF)
  • Troop scale - 1 element = 120 foot, 50 cavalry or 4 gunnes seems to work OK, but it doesn’t really matter as long as both sides are of historical proportions.
  • Ground scale - probably about 1 inch = 25 yards, but it doesn't really matter.
  • Time scale - not applicable.

From Macbeth to Medici introduction


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From Macbeth to Medici

Feudal Wargame Rules 1000-1500 AD