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The Die is Cast

Designed to cover the rise and fall of the Roman empire. These rules are especially suited to refights of historical battles. No, you don't have to rebase your figures. Yes, they play as fast as DBM. No, you won't have to buy new army list books, in fact you can use the armies you use for other rules. Included are morale rules so that bad troops run away, good troops hang around a bit longer. General figures don't fight but have command and combat ratings to inspire the troops that do. The rules are designed to encourage historical tactics.
– Publisher's website

Veni Vidi Vici
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Available at A5 sized printed rulebook or 37-page PDF

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The Die is Cast

Rules for gaming ancient battles of the rise and fall of the Roman empire

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The Die is Cast features:
  • Simultaneous play with both players moving, shooting and fighting at the same time.
  • Rules can be used with any scale of figures or basing system.
  • Combat system uses D12's, with one roll needed to work out the casualties. No; to hit, to wound, to save needed.
  • Commanders of different levels of ability.
  • Three different styles of melee; infantry vs infantry, cavalry vs cavalry, cavalry vs infantry.
– Publisher's website


Alea Iacta Est 1st edition

Originally published as Alea Iacta Est in 1992.

Alea Iacta Est 2nd edition

Second edition published 1995.

Currently on third edition, which is version 5.3 June 2013.


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