Wreaking Havoc


The rules are designed for 15mm Fantasy. One can build armies based on units that are 12 figures stong for foot and 6 for mounted units. Larger creatures (dragons, etc...) are individually mounted.

The rules are broken out in two parts: a basic and an advanced version. In the basic version, players eliminate stands as casualties (to speed up play). In the advanced version, players eliminate individual figures.

Different creatures use different dice in combat. 1D6 for humans, dwarves, etc... 1D4 for smaller and other, larger die for bigger creatures. Players compare die rolls and higher die win melees, or inflict casualties from bow fire.

The game makes use of playing cards to give units unique abilities such as higher morale, better fire ability, and even some magic abilities. Players draw individual cards at the start of the game and use them either before battle or as part of it.

The author is said to be working on a new edition of the rules. We're told, however, that "even in the latest edition, the rules are basically the same."

Period Fantasy
Ground Scale unknown
Time Scale unknown
Figure Scale unknown
Miniature ScalesDesigned for 15mm
Designer unknown
Publisher unknown

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