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Mon Nov 15 19:47:30 PST 1999
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Voting Results

Favorite Rules
Battlesystem Skirmishes15%
Death in the Dark8%
Fantasy Clash8%
Warhammer Fantasy with house rules8%

Rules Regularly Played
rules played regularlypercentage
Battlesystem Skirmishes25%
Death in the Dark13%

Number of Rules Regularly Played
number of rules played regularlypercentage
1 rules played88%
2 rules played13%

Rules Tried
rules played at least oncepercentage
Battlesystem Skirmishes33%
Death in the Dark17%
Fantasy Clash17%
House Rules8%

Number of Rules Tried
number of rules playedpercentage
1 rules played42%
2 rules played17%
3 rules played17%
4 rules played17%
5 rules played8%

Voters, By Experience
level of experiencepercentage
Two to Three Years38%
Up To Twenty Years31%
Up To Ten Years15%
Twenty Years or More8%

Voters, By Region
North America100%

Voters, By Setting
usual game settingpercentage
With a friend or two54%
At the local club38%

Number of Armies
number of armies owned or usedpercentage
1 army/armies42%
3 army/armies17%
7 army/armies17%
12 army/armies8%
2 army/armies8%
5 army/armies8%

Armies Owned/Used
armies owned or usedpercentage
Elf - Dark/Drow17%
Elf - Other17%
Men - Asian17%
Men - Barbarian/Tribal17%
Men - Medieval17%
Elf - High Elf8%
Elf - Wood/Sylvan8%
Men - Ancient8%

Scales Used
figure scalepercentage

Number of Scales
number of figure scale(s) used
(per person)
1 figure scale(s) used77%
2 figure scale(s) used15%
3 figure scale(s) used8%


It was a smal Chronopia battle between Crystal Lotus elves(me) and Firstborn. Elves won. [14 Nov 1999]

Jeremy Stroh

Trying to teach a friend the game, he whooped my Devout butt whith his Black Blood army!!! Although my Lone Remaining Dusk Relm Warrior Fended off an entire warband of Goblins Swordmasters for 4 turns, I still lost every figure... Curse the Myrmydon!!! [2 Nov 1999]

Paul M. M. Jacobus

Chronopia Tournament at ShoreCon. In the finals, I lost on points to the despiable Dwarves. [14 Sep 1999]

Ian Farmer

The Obsidian Serpent Elves had a glorious victory over the Sons of Kronos, and the Firstborn (in a very cool three player game). [13 Sep 1999]

Tim Steed

A Chronopia Game - teaching a newer player how to play. I took inferior troops, he outnumbered me, and despite how hard I tried, I still killed every single one of his guys while suffering few casualties! The dice were against him, but he still loved the game! I played Devout, he played Elves of the Crystal Lotus. [13 Sep 1999]


I participated in a BattleLust event at Gen-con99. The event was a Viking raid scenario which a good friend and I teamed up to loot and pillage a Saxon village. After landing our force of Vikings, the Saxon peasants and militia proved little more than a speed bump. We laid waste to the village and pretty much had our way for the first fifteen turns. We also had much success in holding off the well-armored Normans with missle fire. Then the Norman medium calvary broke through our defensive position on a narrow bridge and began to trample both Norman and Viking. I thought this was a very bold but effective move by our opponents. After a few more turns of vicious and bloody melee, the game was over with no clear winner. We mutually agreed on a draw.

What do I like best about BattleLust? It's alot of fun. [19 Aug 1999]


Small band o' dwarves. We use a modified Warhammer Fantasy, sort of like Necromunda fantasy. [04 Jun 1999]

Ray DeJesus

Our last Battlesystem Skirmishes game was a gruesome rumble to the death between dwarves and goblins. The dwarves were out-numbered 14-11 but we figured their better THACOS (to hit #s) as well as their missile superiority (x-bows vs. the gobbos' short bows) would even the odds. Just to make sure, they were deployed in close proximity to a trio of boulders which they surely exploited during the game, whittling the goblins down so that by the time they engaged it was like lambs to the slaughter. There was a short moment when it seemed the tide might reverse though, when some goblins took the tiny but steep hill nearby and forced the enemy into battling at lower ground. Particularly cinematic moments included:

  1. The heroic death of the Dwarven Cleric leader (one of those Chronopia tusk-boar dudes, in case you're wondering). He died at the Goblin Shaman's feet (literally, one hill level below), his chest smoking from that viscious heat-seeker of a spell, the dreaded magic missile (just fire-and forget, man...tee-hee..)
  2. The lonely and not-so-honorable death of my only remaining figure, the Goblin Shaman, shot in the back during a voluntary rout designed to salvage me some dignity. And I thought it was me playing the bad guys...

BUY BATTLESYSTEM SKIRMISHES!(I'm even thinking of hooking up a web site, but one guy does not a cult following make - sigh....) [8 Apr 99]

Craig Phillips

Dwarves rule!!!! Die, spiders, die!!! Muwahahaha!!!! [27 Mar 99]

Bob Brodeur

I recently played a large skirmish with a war-band of Ice trolls with Frost Giants, winter wolves, and an evil sorcerer vs. a clan of vikings with cavalry, rhinemaidens, and bezerkers. The Ice Trolls were stopped cold, but the scenario was very exciting. The game is set in Northern Ivinia, and is probably a little too fantastic to be really true to the Harn world. But it is tons of fun. I plan on running the game at Gen Con this year.

90% of the figs are from the Old Glory's Ghost line, augmented by Ral Partha and Rafm. Ghost figs are perfect for Battlelust. They are a little over the top for Harn though. If you want really true Harnic figs, you have to look to the historical lines for Dark ages and early medieval periods. Although there are tons of orcs available, I've yet to find one that really captures Gargun (I am still debating between RP and OG, RP are truer to the world, but harder to convert, OG is easy to convert, but don't have the right "spirit"). And you'll have to convert the mangs yourself.

When using the counter strike defense, use the defense factor, not the attack factor. This properly balances large weapons (battleswords and axes) and keeps bezerkers and other elite types playable. Do not count bezerkers as automatically CS/CF on initiative checks, but obviously they should be immune to morale. Giants are hard to balance. Even a GAC 4 fig (which I never use) is unable to survive an A1 strike from a giant size axe. But Giants are too easy to swarm over. I am looking into ways to better capture a giant in the game. I will know more by Gen Con [15 Feb 99]


A force of undead attack a goblin village. The goblins feilded a large force of bowmen and two groups of foot supported by a Druid,a Balloon brigade,two characters and a forest elemental. The undead attacked with one bow unit two foot units a unit of mounted and a Necromancer plus one character.Things went poorly for the goblins at the start as the bowmen routed due to fear effects and the right flank of spearmen were destroyed by the undead cavlery. But fortune smiled on the Goblins when the undead player grouped most of his force in the center and they were wiped out by the druids earthquake spell.The undead cavlery tangled with the Goblin hero and the forest elemental leaving only a badly wounded hero still standing.At this stage the undead army failed its army morale test and was forced to withdraw. [13 Feb 99]

Peter Jorgensen

My last BATTLESYSTEM Skirmishes game was a Dwarves vs. Drow affair in a lost adamantite mine. The game began with the two sides having only partial maps of the area, so their patrols maneuvered around the caverns a bit before making contact in different parts of the mine. At first, the Drow were getting the better of the battle until their spells became depleted, then the remaining dwarves were able to make a battle of it. In the end, both sides had been decimated, and the Drow were able to use their speed and darkness abilities to withdrawal from the conflict leaving the mines in Dwarven hands. [13 Feb 99]