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Mon Nov 15 19:47:33 PST 1999
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Voting Results

Favorite Rules
Blood Bowl58%
Warhammer Quest17%
Man O' War8%

Rules Regularly Played
rules played regularlypercentage
Blood Bowl40%
Warhammer Quest40%
Battle Masters20%

Number of Rules Regularly Played
number of rules played regularlypercentage
1 rules played60%
2 rules played20%
3 rules played20%

Rules Tried
rules played at least oncepercentage
Blood Bowl64%
Warhammer Quest64%
Battle Masters27%
Dragon Lords27%

Voters, By Experience
level of experiencepercentage
Up To Ten Years60%
Two to Three Years30%
Up To Twenty Years10%

Voters, By Region
North America67%
Western Pacific8%

Voters, By Setting
usual game settingpercentage
With a friend or two91%
At the local club9%

Igor Pouilllon

Man'o'war is the only one fantsy game of Games Workshop which has an intertest [3 Nov 1999]


I'm running a campain for WHQ for about a year now, and my two heroes (Kondar+Talion) have arrived at Araby (Egypt in WHWorld) where they will enter Steh's piramide to find the old manuscript wich explains how the obelisks of doom can be used...

I'm looking for players of WHQ in Brussels, but also for Space Hulk+WH40'k 2nd edition... etc. [19 Jun 1999]


i was playing the side of evil, my friend and his wicked band of heros came in to slay my dungeon wich he totally slaughtered my gargolye which was to decimate his forces

Bring back HeroQuest! [8 Apr 99]

Daniel Kast

My Hundred-Acre Woodsmen (Wood Elves) took on Rompot's Reavers (Undead) in a Blood Bowl match.

While the Woodsmen prevailed, 3-2, it was not without cost: by the end of the game, I could only field five healthy players, and had suffered two deaths! The next match may not be as much fun... =) [2 Apr 99]

Andy Skinner

My family has a Blood Bowl league. I coach humans, my wife skaven (she's painting them now), my son orcs, and we have a spare undead and a spare lizardman team (new to the league, yet to see action).

My son and I are playing a game that we had to put away until we can get back to it (playing with a 6 year old takes more time :). I'm ahead, but he's got the ball and a good card. I hope he scores. [26 Mar 99]

Bruno Lalonde

I opened my Darkworld - Village of Fear - box for the first time in many years. With 3 friends we had lots of fun that evening! The game lasted 2-3 hours! (we had to browse through the instructions often!) [26 Mar 99]


In my last game, a friend of mine destroyed my High Elf team with a team of Chaos Dwarves. [13 Mar 99]

bruce mcgeorge

It's been a while, but we had a league going and I think I played a Dark Elf team against a High Elf team; I think it ended in a tie.

Blood Bowl is a very fun diversion... [15 Feb 99]

Tom Pliska

Our role-play group kind of fell apart--some members moved away, and our GM was feeling beset. So we dusted off our old box for AHQ and rolled up some characters, and my kids came along and joined in. It was a quick game, the GM could take part in it without too much change in the rules (there's a solitaire mode), and we were almost all killed, but had a lot of fun (my elven fighter was the last surviver, and had to run the whole length of the dungeon away from the Chaos lord to the exit, hoping not to trip and be killed. [13 Feb 99]