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Players spend points to built their armies from one of sixteen lists: Vardulack (vampires), Elves (Wood, High, and Shadow), Men (Helsinians, Saracens, and Barbarians), Orcs (Barnorsk or Kustoss), Undead, Kzar (reptilians), Ver'men (ratmen), Beastmen, Dwarfs, Goblins, and Nightlings (more Goblins). Extra points can be spent to add leadership or magical abilities to the basic combat stands. Leaders give players points to spend in a pre-game contest over setup. System includes a 6-page spell listing. The book also provides figure assembly and painting advice.

Period The Fourth Age of Raven
Scale Scale is unstated. Each figure represents an unspecified number of combatants. Designed for use with 25mm figures produced by the publisher.
Basing All bases are 80mm wide. Depth is 30mm for standard foot (2-3 figures), 60mm for monsters and mounted warriors.
Contents 144-page rulebook
Designers Dean Edwards, Tony Ackland, Tim Olsen, Peter Haines, and Chris Robinson
Publisher First edition published 1996 by Harlequin Miniatures, Ltd.

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