Off-Site Links

HeroQuest FAQ A web version of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sheet for this game.
HeroScribe Homepage HeroQuest mapping tool
The Alchemist's Bench Homepage of an HQ email-newsletter. New quests, characters, rules and other support material.
The Boneyard's HeroQuest Page A few links.
Crypt Master Expansion Set Unofficial expansion.
Dewayne Agin's HeroQuest Page New quests, new board overlays, alternate rules.
Cycore's Game Crypt Dedicated to HQ. Maps, heroes, quests, and a downloads section.
Ed's RPG Page Includes links to two HeroQuest articles - extra characters, artifacts, creatures and spells; and generic rules on how to create a character template.
Expanded HeroQuest Unofficial expansion rules - heroes, prayers, monsters, magic, weapons, scenarios. Further development of the HeroQuest II project.
Gymnast's HeroQuest Resources Rules for solo play and random quest generation, how to create new game props, etc.
The HeroQuest Domain Carl Forhan's page of HQ links.
James' HQ Page This page by James (James@jpb-s.demon.co.uk) includes rules variations for quests and character generation.
Jerry's HeroQuest Page New characters, heroes, and monsters.
Karnov's Portal New rules and questing tools.
Krusty's HeroQuest Page Includes new quests.
Lord Chaos X's HeroQuest Page Heroes, spells, monsters, etc.
Low Tar's HeroQuest Hang Out New campaigns, maps, heroes, items, monsters, and rules.
Markus Sandberg's HeroQuest Page German. Introduction, play sets, and an adventure.
El Mundo de Hero-Quest Spanish.
Nathan Stout's HeroQuest Page Newsletter and message board. Gallery of painted HQ figures.
The Red Dragon's Guild Online HQ club's homepage. In addition to new items, monsters, artifacts, and spells to be used in designing your own quests, there is a set of modified rules which can be used "to bring you to a new level of game play."
Uncle Owen's Moisture Farm's HeroQuest Page Return of the Witch Lord materials.
The Vault Introduction to HeroQuest, four new heroes, new weapons.
HeroQuest1.0.zip A collection of HeroQuest files, in ZIPed format (compressed). Includes the same information as some of the articles above, plus the gameboard in ASCII and .BMP formats. This link is not working.

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20 July 2009HeroScribe URL updated
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31 August 1999new URL for Expanded HeroQuest
27 August 1999added many new links
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