Journey into the Chaotic Realm

These are instructions on how you can create a customized Chaos Realm expansion pack, "Journey into the Chaotic Realm." In the Chaotic Realm, there are new varieties of monsters. It is up to you to design the Quests leading up to where the heroes enter the portal to this Realm of Chaos. Then comes the hard part - designing the Chaos Realm quests. Remember to be very creative in your Quests of Chaos. Also note that everything in the Chaotic Realm is made up of Chaos and Disaster.

In the Chaotic Realm quests, the ultimate goal is for the heroes to discover a portal in a mystic temple that leads to the Realm of Chaos (where the Guardian of Chaos, master of the Realm, is sending troops into the homelands of peaceful civilization in an attempt to gain world domination). The Quests should build up to a finale where the heroes destroy the mystic rift, allowing creatures to pass through, and then find a way for the Heroes to get back to their homeland.

Guardian of Chaos

The Guardian of Chaos is a the leader of everything that is commanded by Zargon. You must chose a name for this villain and allow him to appear every now and then to build up story line. Note: Allow him to escape or teleport out of Quests (don't let the heroes slay him on the first Quest!). The Gargoyle Miniature can be used for the Guardian. The Guardian knows all Chaos spells, and he may cast one every other turn.

These are the stats for the Guardian:

Attack Dice 3
Defense Dice 5
Combat Has a choice of whip or sword
(see HeroQuest: Variant Rules)
Body Points 6
Magic Chaos Spells


Mysteakoils are the Orc Mages of Chaos. Zargon must state that an Orc is a Mysteakoil when it first appears. The Orc miniatures can be used for Mysteakoils. I made a little cloth cloak and put it on an Orc to tell the difference (the cloak-wearing Orc is the Mysteakoil). You may not put more than one Mysteakoil in a room. It knows the following Chaos Spells:

These are the stats for Mysteakoils:

Attack dice 2
Defend dice 3
Combat Close - with the staff
Body Points 2
Magic Chaos Spells

Goblin Rampagers

Goblin Rampagers are a stronger type of Goblins. You can use the Goblin miniatures for Goblin Rampagers. I put a cloth cloak on my Goblin Rampagers to distinguish them. There can not be more than two Rampagers in a room.

These are the stats for Goblin Rampagers:

Attack dice 2
Defend dice 2
Combat close combat
Body Points 2
Magic none

The Sorcerer's Table or The Magic Book

In the HeroQuest boxed set, there is a furniture piece called the Sorcerer's Table. (It looks like a magic book with two candles around it.)

Heroes may encounter it in Quests, but it is usually just a prop piece. In the Chaotic Realm, the first hero to encounter it learns a chaos spell, and must cast it immediately if they read the Magic Book. Note: If it is Summon Orcs or Undead, then Zargon gets to control the monsters (bad news for heroes).

Fimir's Ax

In the Chaotic Realm, the Fimirs are careless (every other turn, they attack with one less attack die). If you slay a Fimir, then you have the choice to pick up his ax. The ax is only temporary and lasts one turn only (no exceptions).

The ax will give you +1 attack die until the end of the turn.

Quest Designing

When you create the Quests, create them neatly and don't make them impossible. In "Journey into the Chaotic Realm," the first few Quests shouldn't have anything to do with the Chaos Realm. Note: Make monsters now and then talk about a mysterious realm which no one has returned from.

These are the Quests (with descriptions) that I made for "my" expansion pack:

Quest for the Golden Egret
Orcs and Goblins have stolen a golden egret statuette from the king's treasure. It is located in an outpost of Orcs and Goblins, where Zargon's apprentice lurks every corner. It is up to the Heroes to retrieve the Egret. "But where is it?"
The Impossible Task
The Heroes are to siege the base where two War Leaders dwell. The Heroes' objective is to seek out the Gargoyle Warlord and the Chaos War Master.
The Mystic Link
In the tombs of Bantall, a magic item is held. The wizard hero needs this piece to open up the temple of Chaos where the Gateway (portal) into the Chaos Realm is located.
The Temple of Chaos
The Temple is no longer sealed off, but it is concealed with many traps. There has been word that Zargon's apprentice has made his way into the temple, too. The heroes' mission is to find the portal into the Chaotic Realm, and step through so that they can destroy the creator of all evil in their land, The Guardian of Chaos.

Note: The following Quests occur in the Chaos Realm. The new enemies and rules are now open to Zargon's use.
The Confrontation
In this Quest, you're to find the throne room of the Guardian of Chaos and slay him - but that is not what really happens. Once the Heroes find the throne room of Thrasher the Gaurdian, he starts to tell the whole story of the Chaos Realm. The heroes must stand still, and when he finishes his story, a Mysteakoil snaps a rope above which causes a giant cage to fall on the Heroes and imprison them. There the Quest ends.
Gozule's Tomb - The Escape
Now that the Guardian considers the heroes as a threat, he sends them in a Goblin Zeppelin (blimp) to the ruins of a Chaos Minion Training Facility. The Goblins and Orcs take them to the very bottom, to the Tomb of Gozule (burial place of Thrasher's old sorcerer), where the heroes must escape if they intend to live.
Thrasher's Maze
I took my Ideas for this final Quest directly from Carl Forhan's HeroQuest scenario, Gold Tested in Fire.

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