Fantasy Legend

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Fast-play fantasy rules allowing armies to develop and grow over a course of multiple battles. Armies are designed using a point system, combining one of nine basic races (Barbarians, Dwarves, reptilian Gar, Humans, goblin-like N'Tak, orc-like N'Tal, Sea Elves, Skeletons, and rat-like Verminion) with a list of allowed weapons, equipment and mounts to form units. Leaders are also created using the point system, and must form a chain of command sufficient to control the units within the army. Beasts and monsters may also be recruited (stats for over a dozen are included).

The game system minimizes the use of dice. Initiative is simply determined by the army with the greatest total of Initiative points (a characteristic of all units and leaders). Both sides alternate selecting units to activate, with the side which wins Initiative deciding who will move first. An activated unit has a number of Action Points, which are spent to perform tasks such as movement and combat. After all units have activated, there is a Recovery Phase when morale and regrouping occur.

Combat is resolved on a unit vs. unit basis, with a single die roll determining the number of "hits," which are converted (using a chart) into actual casualties. Rules also cover formations, charging, war engines, flying, chariots and wagons. The magic system includes over 40 spells (though some are higher level versions of other spells). If spell casting fails, a dieroll determines one of 20 possible results - ranging from minor nuisances (a bad smell) to major problems (such as the caster exploding).

When armies fight, both sides may acquire victory points which can be spent between battles to repair injured units and create new units. The world of Faldor provides a setting for these combats, but the game can easily be transported to any desired world so long as the basic races are used.

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