Fire Storm

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Period Fantasy
Ground Scale 1 mm = 1 foot (1:300 scale)
Time Scale Each bound represents 10 minutes
Figure Scale Each figure represents a single combatant
Miniature ScalesDesigned for use with 1:300 scale figures. Figures from larger scales can be used as "gigantic" troops.
Basing From 1-6 figures (player's discretion) are mounted per base. The size of the base is determined by the height of the figures (from Small to Colossal), their Order (Skirmish, Loose, Close, or Dense), and troop type (Biped, Quadruped, Cavalry, Chariot, or Artillery). The smallest base is 3mm x 6mm (Small Bipeds in Dense Order), while the largest is 102mm x 114mm (Colossal Quadrupeds in Skirmish Order).
  • 96-page digest-sized rules booklet
  • two identical reference sheets
    reference sheet
Designer none credited
Publisher First edition published c.1998 by Martin David James Publications for the Brigantian Wargames Society

Last Updates
4 September 1999page redesigned
31 March 1999page first published
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