Fantasy Wargaming



This book includes an introduction to role-playing games, a history of fantasy wargaming, and introductory material on purchasing and painting miniatures. The heart of the book, however, is the set of mass combat rules provided. This system allows for epic-scale combat, individual heroic figures, wizards and magic, monsters, written orders, sieges and campaigns. The final chapters describe how to create your own fantasy world, then provide an example of such a creation.

Period Fantasy
Scale Ground scale is 1 inch = 6 yards. Time scale is unstated. Each figure represents an unstated number of combatants.
Figures can be placed on bases 3" wide, with the number of figures and the depth of the base depending on the troop type.
troop type space per figure
Infantry 1" square
Dispersed Infantry 1 1/2" square
Cavalry 1" (width) x 2 1/2-3" (depth)
Monsters 3" square
Contents 232-page hardcover book (includes color photographs)
Designer Martin Hackett
Publisher First edition published 1990 by Patrick Stephens Limited; no longer in print

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