Fantasy Conquest


Battle rules for fantasy miniatures, with provision for 22 races (including Kobolds, Avians, and Manpuses). The game includes artillery, morale, heroes, wizards/clerics, chariots, elephants, and flying creatures.

Period Fantasy
Scale Ground scale is 1 cm = 10 yards. Turn = 1 minute. Each figure represents an unstated number of combatants.
Basing Designed for use with 15mm figures. Any basing can be used, since basing doesn't matter to the design. As the designer explained to us, "I've been burnt setting up bases for one game and having to change for another or the same rule system changes its set-up in the next revision."
Contents 66 pages in binder, 2 transparent template sheets, one reference sheet, and one roster sheet.
Designer Ray Runge
Publisher Ray Runge

Last Updates
4 September 1999redesigned
13 February 1997reorganized
20 September 1996basing clarification
18 September 1996page first published
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