Dragon Lords

Brief Description Aeriel Combat between Dragons. Core rules very simple, can be expressed on one page. Tactics, as well as tailoring your Dragon to suit the tactics you want to use, are both crucial. Dragons and Riders are selected using points values - you can "Build your own Dragon." Do you take manoeuverability over firepower, Close Combat ability over having a Rider to act as tail-gunner? Much like World War One Dogfighting.
Period Fantasy
Scale Not given, but considering ranges given for weaponry, the "ground scale" is probably close to 1/300. The figurine line is 5mm (1/300).
Basing Standard plastic hex-based golf-tee style stands
  • 38 page rulebook, including optional rules, sample dragon play sheets, Dragon Cost Menu and many examples of play
  • 6-segment hex map of basic geomorphic countryside
  • 6 Dragons, Very Large to Small, plus Wings ditto, and a rider for each
  • Dice (only 6-sided needed to play)
Designer Bryan Winter
Publisher First edition published by Grenadier

What You Think

Alan Brain (

The miniatures for this - a large selection of 1/300 scale Dragons, superbly crafted by Sandra L. Garrity and Andy Chernak - are what put me on to the game. The game itself looked ho-hum from the outside, and I only bought it originally for the figurines.

Talk about Serendipity. It's a game that can be picked up by complete novices in about 1/2 an hour, takes 2 hours for 6 people to play. Very much like WW1 dogfighting. Games can be one-on-one, but team play is best. A good variation is to allocate a certain points value to each team - you could have 5 10-pt Dragon vs 2 25-pt Monsters, or use the points values to balance players of different skill levels.

The rules are simple enough that some of the newer figurines - 2-headed Dragons, Armoured Dragons, even Undead Dragons - can have rules extensions added for them, to taste. But you'll have to do it yourself, as Grenadier is no more.

The only rules glitch in 38 pages is that it is not clear whether a Dragon can breath on the target its just engaged in Close Combat. For the record, I think it can, as it encourages approaches from the rear (so the target Dragon can't breath back).

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