Dragon Hordes

front cover of rulebook


A fantasy battle system which focuses on the "big guys"...who cares about the cannon fodder, right? The basic game covers dragons, with additional rules bringing in the full battle rules. Armies are built using points, and are composed of units and individuals. Rules cover magic, tunneling, flying, swimming/floating, and morale. Campaign rules provided.

Period the world of Eorthe - apocalyptic battles on a dying world
Ground Scale Unstated
Time Scale Unstated
Figure Scale Unstated
Miniature ScalesCan be played using the included counters, or with any figures which match the base sizes (approximately 6mm scale). The Dragon Horde line of miniatures has not been released.
ContentsThe 96-page soft-cover rulebook also includes 20 bound-in color cardstock sheets (markers, templates, rulers, and reference materials).
game counter game counter game counter game counter game counter game counter game counter game counter game counter
sample game markers
sheet of templates sheet with reference card, ruler, template, markers
Designer Bryan Winter (bwinter@mailbag.com)
Publisher First edition published 1998 by Corsair Publishing

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