Chaos Wars

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The fantasy version of Ral Partha's medieval rules system, Rules According to Ral. Infantry units are composed of 12 figures, while cavalry units are made of 6 figures. Individuals (champions, priests, and wizards) and creatures (dragons, giants, and monsters) are also allowed. The games includes stats for beastmen, centaurs, dwarves, elves, halflings, humans, lizardmen, orcs, skeletons, trolls, and winged humanoids. Troop are classified by training (peasant, yeomanry, and knights), race, movement type (foot or cavalry), and weapon (archer or non-archer). Armies can be built using a point system.

Each turn is broken into a number of phases (initiative and challenges, spellcasting, archery, movement, melee, morale), with both players participating consecutively in each phase. Rules cover morale, alignment, personal challenges, flying, and the conversion of role-playing game characters into game stats.

The booklet includes these scenarios: The Destruction of Benden Woods (Chaos vs. Elves in an Elven grove), Sack of Karalsburg (Undead vs human village), The Doom Legion Marches to War (the forces of Law must keep the forces of Chaos from breaking through), and Unholy Alliance (large battle, with sub-commanders on each side having differing goals).

Period Fantasy
Ground Scale unstated
Time Scale unstated
Figure Scale unstated
Miniature Scalesnot stated, but apparently designed for use with 25mm scale figures.
Basing Player's discretion - individual, or multiple figures per base.
Contents 28-page booklet with two-sided reference card
Designer not credited
Publisher First edition published 1987 by Ral Partha

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