Dark Heaven Apocalypse

rulebook cover


Fast-playing fantasy battle rules, with games playable in 3-5 hours. Armies are composed of troops, monsters, heroes, wizards, and leaders. A point system allows armies to be built from wide variety of army lists. Rules cover magic, artillery, morale, chariots, elephants, and more.

PeriodWorld of Avalorr - the Continent of Adon
Ground Scale Unstated
Time Scale Unstated
Figure Scale Unstated
Miniature ScalesIntended for use with 25mm figures, including the Heroic Scale 25mm figures in Reaper's Dark Heaven line. Conversions are given for using 15mm figures as well.
BasingIndividual. Suggested base sizes are given (for instance, 1" x 1" for infantry), but the designers suggest that any basing system should do.
Contents Boxed set contains:
  • 144-page, perfect-bound rulebook
    rulebook cover
  • 72-page short novel
    novel cover
  • reference card
    one side of reference card
  • quick-start sheet
  • 8 Dark Heaven figures
    four skeletons four dwarves
  • two 10-sided dice
Designers Al Pare, Ed Pugh
Publisher First edition published 1998 by Reaper Miniatures

Last Updates
4 September 1999redesigned
20 August 1998page first published
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