15mm Rules for Fantasy Armies


A simple set of introductory fantasy rules. Includes melee and missile combat, morale, wizards, and different races (orcs, goblins, skeletons, dwarfs, wood elves, wolf riders, barbarians, tribal infantry, and human guards). The booklet includes sketches of many of the figures available from Warrior Miniatures. Also included is a scenario based on the Hundred Years War, which can be played as a fantasy or historical battle, using these rules or DBA or HOTT.

Period Fantasy
Ground Scale 1" = 5 yards
Time Scale 1 turn = 2 minutes
Figure Scale 1 figure = 1 combatant
Miniature ScalesDesigned for use with 15mm scale figures.
BasingInfantry bases are 50-60mm (length) x 10-15mm (depth); cavalry bases are 50-60mm (length) x 20-30mm (depth); any number of figures per base.
Contents 12-page, digest-sized booklet
Designer Uncredited
Publisher Warrior Miniatures

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13 February 1997reorganized
7 October 1996page first published
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