Glutter of Ravens

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These rules utilize small armies, with the emphasis being on a leader's household troops and bodyguard. Warbands are rated on Aggression, Formation, and Strength - all of which are important for different aspects of combat. The rules can be used to fight the civil wars which split the Britons in this period, or to fight the incoming hordes of Picts, Irish, and Saxons.

Product includes a guide to British armies in this period - around 30 pages of historical and army guides, and several colour plates.

Period Dark Ages Britain, A.D. 400-700 - "Warfare in the Age of Arthur"
Ground Scale unknown
(2' x 2' minimum battle area)
Time Scale unknown
Figure Scale 1 element = 1 warband
5-15 elements = an army
Miniature ScalesDesigned for 15mm figures
TypeBase SizeNumber of Figures
Heavy Infantry40mm x 15/20mm3 or 4
Light Infantry40m x 20mm2
Heavy Cavalry40mm x 30mm3
Light Cavalry40mmx 30mm2
Contents unknown
Designer Daniel S. Mersey (
Publisher Published August 1998 by Outpost Wargame Services

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