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Brief Description A grand tactical miniatures set for the American Civil War, designed with a regimental focus. The rules cover infantry formations, cavalry charges, artillery fire, morale, command and control, obstacles and fortifications, and hidden movement. Booklet includes extensive examples of play and an index.
Period American Civil War
Scale Regimental, Grand Tactical. Ground scale for 15mm figures is 1" = 50 yards. One combat turn = 20 minutes. One infantry or cavalry figure = 30 men, one artillery casting = 1 battery.
Basing 4 infantry figures per stand, 2-3 cavalry figures per stand, 1 gun per stand plus 1 gun crew figure per section in the battery. 1-3 officer figures per stand, depending on rank.
Contents 94-page rulebook (including 22 pages of advertisements), 1 sheet of die-cut markers, 4 identical reference sheets (two in blue, two in grey)
Designers John Hill (
Publisher The third edition was published 1996 by The Johnny Reb Game Company.

Online Resources

The Official JRIII Webpage
This webpage has been designated by the designer as his official site. It includes a FAQ (with rules clarifications), plus optional regimental rules.
Battle at Salem Church, May 3, 1863
Scenario by John Hill
The JRIII Mailing List
"Discussion relating generally to the American Civil War, and specifically to the Johnny Reb III ruleset."
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