Heavy Metal

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Brief Description Intended to be fast, playable and uncomplicated, whilst still reflecting the actual performance of the ships of the period. Minimal bookeeping, no prewritten orders. Guns are coded for accuracy/range and damage, to accommodate the major variations in performance between rifled and smoothbore guns, and the major variation in shot weight during the period. There are five grades of armour in four locations on each ship. Ramming damage is speed dependent. Three crew grades are available, and movement and firing are benefited by better quality crews. Rules cover river currents, shallows, reefs, mines, spar torpedoes, weather, smoke, shore forts. Data is provided for 20 ships, and there is a design-your-own points system.
Period American Civil War - Warfare on river and ocean
Scale Tactical. No ground scale or time scale is specified. Designed for use with 1:600 or 1:1200 scale ships.
Basing Individual. Suggests mounting ships "...on card rectangles 5mm wider than their length and width."
Contents 46-page ringbound rulebook, 2 sheets of counters/markers
Designer Geoff Curran
Publisher Version 17.11 published October 1996 by Geoff Curran

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