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Brief Description Ruleset for very small, infantry-only, skirmishes between company-sized units, with players taking the roles of Sergeants (Group Leaders over a squad of 9-10 figures) and Company Officers (a company consists of 4-5 squads). Cards randomly determine which groups act when. Soldiers take individual actions - fire, load (certain weapons require loading before firing), move, charge. Being outside of a Sergeant's command radius limits a soldier's actions; and soldiers can charge only if ordered to do so by a Company Officer. Taking casualties or charging requires a group to take a Morale Card, often causing skeedaddling (stragglers). Designed to be played to completion in 3-4 hours.
Period American Civil War
Scale One infantry/cavalry figure represents 1-2 men. Ground scale is 1" = 5 yds. One Action Phase represents 1-3 minutes.
Basing Individual
Contents Ziploc bag contains 8-page, full-sized rulebook, 16 plastic-coated Morale Cards (must be cut apart). Also requires a deck of playing cards (not provided)
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Designer Ivor M. Janci
Publisher Published 1996 by H.G. Walls

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