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Michael Carter Llaneza (
Age of Iron is a fairly decent set of rules. Not a lot of detail, not too hard to play. The rules, while good, lack that certain 'charm' that a great game has.
Larry Irons (
I like Age of Iron. The rules play well, because it's a modified move/counter move. Each side rolls for initiative, the winner chooses to move 1/2 move first or full move second. The first mover then moves the last 1/2 move after the second full mover. The rules cover ramming, torpedoes/mines, shore batteries, etc. This moves fairly quickly and covers even submarines. I have played them at the conventions in Denver and the games always are full with participants. I highly recommend the rules.

The only drawback is the hit effect for guns. It takes a number of tables to look at to determine the effect of the hit, and then any critical damage after that. However, it also allows for a lot of variability that adds to the fun of the game. It's definitely not a boring set of rules.

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