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Knights and Knaves

The intent of Knights & Knaves is to provide a game that is quick (which is only appropriate for actions that take a few seconds in real life), that focuses more on people than fine differences in armor or weapons and that provides a unified point of view.

This latter issue is particularly important. Each player takes on the role of a lord, chieftain or other leader. He cannot exercise absolute control over anyone except himself. There was no man-portable radio in the Middle Ages; soldiers in the lord's retinue or chieftain's clan received no commands from their master unless he happened to be at hand. Neither could they read their master's mind and act in battle accordingly. Thus, troops outside the range of the lord's voice will act independently, depending on their armament, quality and impulses.

The rules are designed to be flexible enough to reflect combat in different lands and times throughout the Middle Ages. So, whether it's a Viking raid, Crusaders clashing with Moslems or endless border skirmishes between England and Scotland, Knights & Knaves will accommodate your needs.

Knights and Knaves introduction

Les Benoodt, Phil Johnston
Historic Enterprises Co.
Year Published
In Print
Available online (45-page PDF)
1 figure = one man.
1 inch = six feet.
1 turn = 10-30 seconds.

Knights and Knaves page 5
All measurements are designed for use with 25mm figures. If you want to game with 15mm figures, just halve all distances given in the rules and charts.
Knights and Knaves page 5
Each foot figure should be mounted on a 1-inch x 1-inch base. Each mounted figure should be mounted on a 1-inch x 2-inch base.
Knights and Knaves page 5


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Knights and Knaves

A Skirmish Level Game of Combat in the Middle Ages


Current version is 2.1 (2013).


Celtic Lance

A Celtic lance for use with Knights and Knaves. Special rules for chariots are included.
– publisher's listing

1-page PDF

Ford Fight

A Knights and Knaves scenario in which two rival clans claim ownership of the river ford. To that end, each has sent a party out to secure it. The winners get to keep the ford and charge toll on all who cross.
– publisher's listing

2-page PDF

Knights and Knaves Table Charts

This is a set of color coded charts to be used with Knights and Knaves. They are the same charts as in the rule book and are useful when you want to print up multiple copies of the charts for use table side.
– publisher's listing

6-page PDF

Lance Value Worksheet

This Microsoft Excel work sheet is designed to aid players of Knights and Knaves in the creation and play of balanced scenarios. By filling in the values specified on the sheet you not only have a record of your command to take to the gaming table but an idea of how it should stack up against other lances.
– publisher's listing

More Knights and Knaves

More Knights and Knaves includes eight new scenarios, ranging from a barbarian surprise attack to a siege sortie, and it expands the Knights and Knaves retinue lists to include Japanese, late Romans, Franks, Celts, Aztecs, Russians, Poles, Spanish, Moors, Swiss, Imperialists, Byzantines, Timurid Persians and Ottoman Turks.
– publisher's listing

24-page PDF

Scenarios for Knights & Knaves

When Knights and Knaves originally sold for $12.95 in hobby shops and conventions, this booklet of scenarios was mailed to customers who returned the registration card. Now it's free for everyone. It contains six scenarios complete with maps, army lists and victory conditions for use with Knights and Knaves.
– publisher's listing

13-page PDF

Tax Uprising

In this Knights and Knaves scenario the lord of the manner has levied yet another tax. "We're mad as hell and we won't take it anymore!" was the cry heard from every mud hut. It's the household troops against the villagers in a cage match. Only problem is, heavy rains have swollen the river and the lord has to ferry his men across the stream in anything that will float. Can he make it in time before the villagers ax the tax collectors and sink his boats? Will the lord resort to killing blows against his own peasants (he doesn't want to work the fields!)?
– publisher's listing

2-page PDF

Castles, Cogs & Chevauchées

Castles, Cogs & Chevauchées
Sieges, ships & campaigns for Knights and Knaves. Castles, Cogs & Chevauchées is three rule sets in one, expanding the capabilities of Knights and Knaves, letting you simulate all aspects of Medieval warfare in a skirmish setting. Set up your own dukedom, raise a navy, besiege enemy strongholds, or simulate the events of the Crusades or Viking eras. Using the same systems as Knights and Knaves,Castles, Cogs & Chevauchées enables you to create myriad skirmish scenarios, all arising from realistic Medieval settings.
– publisher's listing

36-page PDF

Border War

A scenario for Castles, Cogs & Chevauchées. The baronies of Rolling Mists and Long Lake have been feuding for years. Border disputes, skirmishes and small raids have punctuated their combined history. The past winter has been harsh, keeping both barons prisoners of the weather inside their cold, damp castles. Plenty of time to brood over past insults and offenses. Now, as March approaches it brings with it a militant spirit and a desire to settle the score once and for all.
– publisher's listing

2-page PDF