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2 by 2 Napoleonic's

The rules require no order writing or cards. The only marker required is cotton wool or tissue paper for indicating pinned and disrupted status. They are designed for 2mm figures to be played on a 2ft board in an hour or less. The rules are solo gamer friendly.

These rules differentiate themselves by two core mechanics.

The glue of war
This is the trait of Napoleonic infantry to refuse to budge once it had started firing at an enemy. This made the commitment of units an important decision, as the general was unlikely to regain control over them again for some time.
Evolving battlefield.
Napoleonic battles were rarely "set piece" battles. Units would arrive in clumps and make their way towards the front, often arriving from the flanks. This gives a very different feel than a battle where the units are all lined up facing each other at the start.
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Rod Humble
In Print
Available online (12-page Word document and webpage versions)
Each unit represents a regiment or in some cases a brigade. The game can represent either part of a larger battle or a smaller battle in its entirety. Based on the army lists, the "sides" represent approximately a corps (with support). Larger, multi-corps battles should include a corps headquarters and an overall army HQ. Estimated scale is 1" =100 to 200 yards, and time scale is estimated at about 30 minutes. Multi-corps battles should have a 2x2' area for each "corps". Since regiments and brigades were never of a standard size, there are three options for "sizes": Large, common and small. This applies to infantry for firing and melee and cavalry for melee only. Large units are considered to be larger than 2000 rank and file, common sized between 800 and 1999 rank and file, and small less than 800 (for historical recreations only). The rules are designed for 2mm figures to be played on a 2ft by 2ft table (hence "2 by 2") which can be played to completion in an hour or so. There is no ground or time scale beyond it "feeling" right.
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All units are based on 1 inch by ½ inch bases. I double up stands on the base to try and make a more attractive appearance but single blocks would be fine. Stand size can vary, as long as all units are similarily based. Some testers have used 40mm or approx. 1½ inch base frontage with no adverse affect on gameplay. A word on unit formations. As you, the player, are playing at a higher command level, the individual unit commanders are presumed to change unit formations at THEIR discretion. (i.e.: an infantry unit preparing to receive a cavalry charge would presume to change to square, etc). Therefore, unit formations are not shown on the table.
2 by 2 Napoleonic's page 1


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2 by 2 Napoleonic's
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