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WarpWar is a two-player tactical game of space combat. Players build their own individualized ships, move them, and resolve combat without dice. The object of the game is to occupy your opponent's base star(s).

WarpWar simulates a hypothetical future where time for flights between stars is huge...but ends in brief but violent combat. Warp- ships can enter the stressed space channels ("warplines") between stars for nearly instantaneous travel. Nevertheless, wars among the stars last so long that huge advances are made in technology. Older ships are at a disadvantage against newer ones.

The destructive power of weapons technology has become so great that space combats have become tactical guessing games between ship commanders. A clear hit will wreck or cripple all but the most powerful ships. The goal, then, is to outguess the enemy - to use your own weapons in the optimum manner where his defences are weakest, while avoiding a killing counterblow.

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Howard Thompson
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Science Fiction

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