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CENTURIA is a wargame for two players or more that lets you simulate battles set in the Ancient Period. The game uses our well-known Action/Reaction mechanism but now includes exciting new rules to better simulate the dynamics of these battles and will allow you make many strategic and tactical decisions that will help you on your way to victory. Closing ranks at the right time, charging the enemy when heís disordered and making the most of his hesitation to break his lines, these are just some of the new ways of fighting that youíll find in these pages. The system allows you to play with any scale of miniature and keeps the base sizes fixed while just changing the number of miniatures that are on them. As well as a points system to help you balance your games, each unit also has a Training Value, a value that shows its prowess in Melee, an Armour Value and a number of losses that it can take. The rules also contain three classic scenarios, Vanguard, Ambush and Sacking the Camp which will test your command skills. The game is easy to learn and a normal game will last a couple of hours.
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Massimo Torriani
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Miniature Wargaming in the Ancient Period

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There are many events of antiquity that deserve to be explored. One of those is the first great uprising in Sardinia. Not so much for the outcome (the defeat of the Sardinian-Punic, Carthaginian, and Iliese coalition by the Romans led by Titus Manlius Torquatus), but for the fact that this event represented, at the very least, the first sign of recovery by the Romans after Hannibalís climatic victory at Cannae. By regaining possession of Sardinia, the Romans were better able to control the western Mediterranean, and able to gain access to Sardinian wheat, which was used to feed their growing armies. One similarity between Hannibal and Ampsicora was that after their defeats, their cities of origin – Carthage and Cornus, respectively, were razed by the Romans.
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Armies and Scenarios for Centuria

Armies and Scenarios
29 new army list fully playtested.
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