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PMG Ancients

PMG Ancients is an easy to learn set of rules for gaming with miniatures for time periods covering from 3000 B.C. all the way up to just before gunpowder warfare. This system makes use of players alternating activation of units during Artillery, Missile and Standard Troop phases and simultaneous Hand to Hand combat.

Things we wanted to avoid when designing these rules:

  1. Army Lists which can make some armies better than other armies. (Thus we use a point system which is based upon troop type of Infantry or Cavalry or Artillery.)
  2. Rigid movement system – playing miniatures games is all about pitting your tactical abilities against your opponents. If the movement system is very rigid you cannot make tactical decisions which can change the shape of the battle. Instead you are forced to sit and watch your troops march forward like blind automatons. (Thus we allow a much more free movement for units not engaged in hand to hand combat.)
  3. Having entire armies sit and watch the entire opponents army move, shoot, and kill as we wait for it to be our turn. (Thus we use segmented movement based on number of units within each major phase each game turn.)
  4. Hidden written deployment orders as to the starting positions of each of your units. (Thus we roll to out scout the opponent, then placing one unit at a time alternate placing units in their starting positions.)


  • Supported scales: both 15mm and 25mm
  • Well thought out and tested point system
  • System uses 10 sided dice for greater variable percentages
  • Freely able to pre-measure all movement and range firing
  • Unit morale
  • Fast Play System
  • Single Sheet with all Charts
  • Full Index
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Jeffrey Hunt
In Print
Available online (Wargame Vault) (10-page PDF)


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PMG Ancients