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SystemMech is Oakbound Studio’s narrative roleplay system. The rules for SystemMech are the same whether your games take place in the depths of space, a realm of high fantasy or across a gritty, post-apocalyptic landscape.

As a skirmish-scale tabletop miniatures game, SystemMech is unique in two respects.

Firstly it uses no dice rolls or decks of cards. Any element of chance brought to the game lies purely in the way players’ models interact together.

Secondly and more importantly, SystemMech is designed for playing out encounters on the tabletop which are not a simple matter of ‘smash and grab’ or ‘fight to the death’. Combat is certainly an element, but subterfuge, coercion and exploration of the game environment are just as (if not more) important than killing off the opposition.

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Geoff Solomon-Sims
Oakbound Games
In Print
Available online (28-page PDF)
These rules are designed to work with 28mm scale miniatures, that is where a human-sized figure measures approximately 28mm from head to foot (25-40mm works fine).

Of course, you can use counters or anything else to represent the characters on the tabletop if you don’t have miniatures to hand, but having miniatures makes it easier to judge what can be seen as well as making the game look more exciting!

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