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Frederick the Great

With complete sections covering army organizations of the participants. Adaptable for the American Revolution and the Age of Marlborough. The most comprehensive rules available for this period.
– publisher's website

The rules use a point system for creating armies. (For example, Infantry w/ musket-Cavalry w/carbine = 4 points/figure.) Optional rules include: Constructions and Cover (earthworks, redoubts, soft cover, trenches, walls, bridges, etc.); Dismounted Dragoons; Weather; Other Scales (includes 1 figure = 20 men, 1 gunner = 1 gun and crew); Unit Casualties (a different way of figuring casualties).

Appendix II: The Age of Marlborough adds a page of changes and additions. There is also a one-page Appendix III: Figures and Where to Buy Them.

David Park Newport
Fantasy Games Unlimited
In Print
Contains 3 cardstock sheets with reference charts and tables printed on both sides.
– publisher's website
One figure equals 50 men. All measurements are given in yards. One mm. equals 2 yards. These ratios are for 25mm figures. For use with 15mm figures, double the ratios (1mm equals 2 yards).
– publisher's website
Ground Scale 1 mm = 2 yards or 1" = 50 yards (for 25mm)
1 mm = 4 yards or 1" = 100 yards (for 15mm)
Time Scale 1 game turn = 10 minutes (approximate)
Figure Scale 1 casting = 50 men

"Artillery is a special case; the size of any grouping of the guns in the game depends on the number of artillerist figures present. Each artillerist figure represents two artilley pieces and crews; thus, a battery of four real guns would be represented by a gun model and two artillerist figures. Casualties are taken in crew figures and represent a reduction in the battery effectiveness due to multiple causes, not just casualties; therefore, replacement crew figures may not be stripped from other guns of different caliber to renew reduced crews. In other words, only crew figures from a three-pounder can recrew another three-pounder."

Miniature Scales25mm, with conversions for 15mm

All infantry, except troops that function as lights or without bayonets13mm (¾") frontage by 25mm (1") depth per figure
Light infantry, and figures that melee without bayonets20mm (¾") by 25mm (1") per figure (2-man bases)

True light inf, Croats, Amerindians, etc., should be on 1-man bases, though Croats can be on 2-man bases.

All cavalry25mm (1") by 40-50mm (1½-2") per figure
Artillery"As artillery strength is based on the artillerist casting, so is its base size. Each artillerist requires a base of at least 20mm (¾"). A ten gun battery (represented by five crew figures) would require a base at least 100mm wide. Depth is not terribly important, but should be deep enough for the crew figures and the gun model to fit."
15mm figures: All base dimensions are halved

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Frederick the Great

Wargame Rules for the 7 Years War

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