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Hordes and Heroes: Medieval

Hordes & Heroes Medieval is designed as a fast play tabletop historical wargame, which uses hexagon marked terrain as a precise and effective method for moving troops. The rule system is simple and easy to learn, yet sophisticated enough to allow “realistic“ battles to be fought between a diverse range of medieval armies. It is easy to play, but more difficult to master.
– publisher's webpage

Paul Kerrison
Kallistra Ltd.
Year Published
In Print
Online (28-page PDF) and in print
Written for use with 12mm figures, but any scale can be used


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Hordes and Heroes: Medieval

Fast Play, Hex-based Rules From Kallistra

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Hordes and Heroes: Medieval Army Lists

Army lists
The HHM army lists are designed to enable any medieval historical army to be represented on the table top, in a miniature game, up to an agreed point value. We have endeavoured to make the lists as flexible as the historical sources which were consulted would permit. Hordes & Heroes Medieval Army Lists currently contain 28 different armies which can be easily modified and adapted to your own specific preferences or requirements, for use in a particular game, or to form part of an historical campaign.
– publisher's website

36-page PDF

Hordes and Heroes: Medieval: Siege & Assault Supplement

Siege & Assault
Wargaming sieges and assaults have always proved challenging to wargamers. Sieges were by their very nature often long drawn out affairs often lasting many weeks, months or even years. Once the preparations for the assault were complete and the attack was launched the fighting would be fast, furious and intense as attackers and defenders fought for supremacy. The Siege & Assault rules enable the Hordes & Heroes system to be used to conduct sieges and assaults against defended castles, towns and strongholds. They enable the use of a wide range of medieval siege equipment to be employed in breaching an array of different defences from simple earthworks to the massive stone walls of a major city. In conjunction with the core medieval rules they enable campaign scenarios to be constructed which enable gamers to explore the strategic as well as the tactical aspects of medieval warfare.
– publisher's website