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Might of Arms

These are rules for large miniatures battles from ancients (1600 BC) through the late medieval (1500 AD) period. The game focuses on the role of various troop types rather than a highly detailed interaction of weapons and armor types.

Sample army list

In addition to the basic rules, the games includes a number of optional rules of added complexity for those so inclined. Also, 150 army lists are included. Each list notes the point cost per stand for various troop types, as well as restrictions on the quantities which may be used.

Bob Bryant
Might of Arms
Year Published
In Print
Available online (196-page PDF, includes army lists and QRS)
Figure Scale: For use with either 25mm, 15mm, or 6mm figures.
Ground Scale: Depends on figure scale.  For 25mm, 1"= 20yds.  For 15mm, 1"= 30yds. For 6mm, 1"= 60yds.
Time Scale: 30 minutes per turn.
Figure Ratio: Depends on troop type. One figure = 100 men for pike or skirmish infantry, 50 other infantry or cavalry, 2-6 elephants, 10-20 heavy chariots, or 20-40 light chariots.
Figures are based on stands with a frontage of about 50yds according to the scale of the figures. Two figures per stand are used for light infantry and cavalry, 3 for most other cavalry and medium infantry, and 4 for heavy/knight infantry as well as cataphract cavalry. Artillery,chariots, and elephants are based individually. Units are organised by stands rather than figures.

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Might of Arms
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Originally published by Colonnade Publishing, which later become Might of Arms.

  • 108-page perfectbound rulebook
  • reference chart
    Reference sheet


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