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Spanish Fury: Sail

What we wanted was a set of rules for the Renaissance period that would somehow enable us to enjoy sea battles from individual ship duels to fleet actions. Thatís a pretty tall order, but we like a challenge!

We felt the following were critical elements:
  1. Easy, but realistic rules for the effect of Wind.
  2. Movement rules that didnít require endless charts.
  3. Gunnery that reflected the period
  4. Order rules that wouldn't be discarded immediately while still being true to history.
  5. True differences between ships and ship classes
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Perfect Captain, The
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Spanish Fury: Sail

Naval Warfare, 1560-1603

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This is a module in the Spanish Fury series.


The Complete Spanish Fury

Explains the history of the Spanish Fury project, and the relationship between the first five modules (Siege, Battle, Actions!, Sail, Campaign). 2-page DOC

Spanish Fury: Campaign

A boardgame with an interface to use the other four modules. Included is a scenario from the First Wars of Religion in France. Armies and Navies maneuver on the board, capturing towns and provinces while defeating enemy armies.
The Complete Spanish Fury page 2

25-page DOC

Spanish Fury: Duel

You knew it was coming! How can we have games such as Actions! where officers can fight in single combat, and not have an amusing set of dueling rules? Clearly we couldnít. These rules are used for those so willing to fight out any kind of duel. You can even use them for Sail!, Lanterna! And Voyage! Since our Spanish Fury! Systems uses individual named officers, the scope for this game is obvious.
Spanish Fury; Duel introduction

Card game. 4-page PDF

Spanish Fury: Voyage

Spanish Fury: Voyage
The original idea behind this game was to simulate English campaigns off the coast of Spain between 1587 and 1603, as well as the Spanish Campaign to conquer the Azores. The more we worked on it however, the more the draw of the Caribbean pulled us westward. The idea of the corsairs trading and raiding was something that fit in so well with Actions! and Sail! that the project, half finished, was changed in scope about 3000 miles…

The general flow of play is this: Corsairs sail into the Caribbean looking to either plunder ship, towns or to trade, or perhaps all three. The Empire player must drive them out of the area while still performing the duties of a Captain-General (keeping the empire running).

Spanish Fury; Voyage introduction

Campaign boardgame. 33-page PDF