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Naval War

Welcome to Naval War, a naval miniatures game for gamers that like to play a historical miniatures game but are not too keen on playing a complicated simulation. Naval War offers a fun and fast-paced gaming experience with a historical flavor.
Naval War introduction

H.J. Seijmonsbergen
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Since the distances in Naval War are abstracted to enable you to play a naval encounter on your tabletop (instead of on that rainy parking lot outside…) scale is obviously a pretty fuzzy matter. The game enables you to play with whatever scale you like. If you like your miniatures a tad bigger, you could opt for 1:1800 or even 1:1200, if you like to zoom out a bit more to experience a more ‘to scale’ feel on your tabletop you could play 1:3000 or even 1:6000. It actually doesn’t matter. Still, it is advisable to use the same scale as your opponent, since mixing scales will surely complicate matters.

Practically the same can be said for the timescale. Since we want to enable you to play a reasonably sized battle in the span of a few hours (or less), abstractions have also been made on this front. Do not let these abstractions fool you though. Naval war plays like a World War 2 battle report. Just as the narrator of a battle report shifts his focus from one point of the engagement to the other, so does Naval War. At one moment your ships might be dodging torpedoes, blasting away at enemy destroyers with secondary guns while on the other side of the table your carrier aircraft are mixed up in a fierce dogfight trying to intercept incoming dive-bombers. The out-of-sequence activation system and the addition of the command station mechanics allow you to recreate a unique naval gaming experience. So if you’re looking for some WW2 naval action, look no further…

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Naval War

The World War II Naval Miniatures Game

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