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Spanish Fury: Battle

These rules cover conflicts involving at most 2500 men, at the least about 500. This includes all types of low-level fighting, from ambushes, prison-breaks, cattle rustling to the storming of same forts. We tried to keep the rules down to a minimum, so not every contingency is covered. If you run into an awkward rules situation, either write us or insert your own idea. These rules are really meant to be taken for fun rather than as overly realistic. Still, we tried our best to keep a balance.
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Perfect Captain, The
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Figure scale is up to you – 1:40 being a good start, especially if you don't possess 400+ figures. As each stand is roughly meant to represent a company, and these ranged in our era from just under 100 men to a little more than 200, you can see the range of figure scales available. The ground scale is roughly 1"=25 yards. An Artillery model represents a battery of 1-3 guns. As far as time is concerned, it is impossible to dogmatically adhere to a give turn being a specific amount of time, because the variety of circumstances makes it impossible. There are historical battles from this period that were over in less than an hour, and others that lasted all day. We therefore submit that a turn represents anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour.

The basic troop unit in these rules is the regiment.

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Conventional basing principles don’t apply to the rules per se; since regiments are thought of principally as blocks, or cards, in these rules, any basing will do, as long as it is fairly consistent. Some flexibility is good, since you don’t want to make it difficult to show different formations. We use 1”x1” bases for all companies, both Horse and Foot. Our cavalry are based two figures to a stand, and most of our foot are based 4-6 figures to a stand. Don’t worry- regardless of what rules your figures are based for, they’ll work with Pistolado II!
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Spanish Fury: Battle

Rules for large-scale battles in the Wars of Religion, 1560-1604

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This is module two in the Spanish Fury series. Alternate title: Pistolado.

Currently on second edition.


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