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Guns of Liberty

These rules are designed to be easy to learn and fun to play, while also being an accurate simulation with realistic casualty rates. Each infantry stand is a company (therefore, a full strength British regiment would consist of 10 stands). The rules identify over 30 troop types, rating each with Fire, Melee, and Morale values and marking them as Regular or Irregular. There are three grades of leaders - colonel, brigadier general, and major general. Leaders have a leadership stat, which can be pre-assigned or determined randomly.

The turn begins with both sides secretly recording then simultaneously revealing and executing their charge moves. Then comes an initiative roll, with the side winning initiative getting choice of whether to move first or second in the movement phase. After movement comes combat - first artillery, then fire, then melee. A morale phase ends the turn.

Depending on their troop type, units move in one of several formations (open, closed, skirmish, march column). The movement rules allow oblique movement, wheeling, side stepping, about face, refusing flank, and falling back; enemy units may take opportunity fire. To score a hit in combat, the attacking player must roll less than a target number determined by range and situation - one die is rolled per stand (half for skirmishers). Nearby leaders may become casualties when fighting occurs. The victors in a successful melee may "capture the colors." A failed morale roll can cause a unit to become Disordered, Shaken, or Routed.

An appendix lists all manufacturers of Revolutionary War figures in 15mm scale.

Eric Burgess
Burgess, Eric
Year Published
In Print
Folder containing 18 rules pages, plus two (identical) reference cards

Reference card

Ground Scale 1" = 25 yards
Time Scale Each turn = 10 minutes
Figure Scale Each figure represents 20-25 men
Miniature ScalesIntended for use with 15mm figures, but conversions for 6mm and 25mm figures are included.

BASING # of figures per base size of base
(width x depth)
Infantry 42 or 32 1" x ¾"
Cavalry 222 1" x 1"
ArtilleryGunners can be mounted on a stand with the gun, or gunners can be mounted independently with an unbased gun.


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Guns of Liberty

Wargame Rules for the American Revolution

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