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Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll, The

The goal is to get to the top of the crag, grab the scroll, and return before your opponent can. Each player controls a Quad of 4 Questrs (characters selected by each player), and must make wise use of their abilities, spells, and devices in order to overcome the challenges of the journey. The crag's terrain is randomly generated, as are the encounters.

Figures sculpted by Tom Meier, who has succeeded at giving this series a unique look. Yes, strictly speaking, the miniatures are "large 25mm" in size (actually 29mm from foot to eye) - but these are not Warhammer clones by any means! Most sculptors in this scale go for mass, but Tom has here produced a line of willowy, slender people who truly have a look of old-fashioned fantasy to them.

The figures are also detailed to an amazing degree - including embroidery on the clothing, delicate jewelry, beautiful work with the draping of the robes. The poses are varied and creative, from the dainty to the dramatic, and all of them implying action.

Nathan G. Doster
Doster Company: Entertainment
Year Published
Out of Print
94-page perfect-bound book
Individual. Designed for use with (but does not require) the official Universal Games figures and dice.


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Goalsystem: Fantasy

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Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll, The


Designer's Notes

The designer (Nathan Doster) explained the game to us:

The main game is played as a two-player game. Each player has a Quad of 4 Questrs of diverse specializations (skills) - for instance, an Herblist, a Protektr, a Magikr, and a TekMage. You can organize your Quad in a variety of ways, utilizing various Spells, Artifact Devices, Herbal Potions, and Quad members. This customizing appeals to the serious gamer.

To win, your Quad must get to the top of Star Snag Crag, grab a Scroll, and return back down the Crag and off of it before the other player's Quad does so. No one dies - though there are plenty of Conflicts to test your Protektr's skills! And well-balanced Quads seem to do best.

Sound easy? Did I mention that the terrain is randomly generated as your Questrs climb the Crag? or that they are confronted by all manner of Beasts, reptilian Primitives, Ruins, Hermits, and the dreaded Hillfolk Still? It is quite a challenge! Believe me, you will deserve the acclaim that you get when you win. They will sing of your Quest for years! Children will become wide-eyed when you step into a room!

The game plays well in tournaments for the serious, solitaire for the amusement of a lone player, or as a four-player game for the truly adventuresome!

He also told us something of his design philosophy:

I've designed the game to have broad appeal (even girls can play it!) and it seems to have just that. Special attention has been given in the mechanics of the game to making the rules understandable to beginners (even the dice are color coded to make playing easier!).

All age groups enjoy it, and the beauty of the images in the rulebook and the miniatures are definitely attractive to the ladies (and us serious miniatures gents!). The game is female friendly. Girls and women are very comfortable playing the game. Maybe guys that have been trying to get their girlfriends and wives involved in gaming can use this game as an 'in.'

I want my games to be playable for families and adults. So often, the games are designed just for kids, and adults feel silly playing them. My games are designed to be challenging - and you don't have to feel silly playing them.

So there is a place for everyone at the The Quest for Piptwynn's Scroll game table!

The miniatures have been sculpted by Tom Meier (formerly of Ral Partha, and currently leading Thunderbolt Mountain Miniatures). They are available both with the game and separately. According to Nathan:

Collectors of Tom's work will find these pieces to be among his best, and appreciate the unique style that they represent. For the serious collector/investor, a limited number of each figure is available gold plated.


A sequel, Boonya's Epic Voyage, is in development.

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