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Battleground: World War II

A comprehensive, well-presented set of skirmish rules for WWII, resolving action at the individual soldier and vehicle crew member level. The designers' intent is to provide fast-playing rules which capture the spirit of ground combat.

Generic Russian tank chart

Units of both sides move in random order (determined by playing of cards), with each person able to perform two Actions per turn. Morale rules allow for fanatics, cowards and heroes, and Gut Checks are required before characters can perform highly risky acts. Rules cover artillery, engineers, armored and infantry combat, but do not cover air support.


A generic squad organization is provided, and generic hit locations for tanks and halftracks; supplements will fill in more detail, as well as data for nationalities other than German, American, and Russian. Seven scenarios are designed to allow players to gradually learn the rules. Includes a chapter on making your own terrain, plus an introduction by Harold Coyle, author of Team Yankee.

Basic set covers Americans, Germans, and Russians.

Brad Sanders, Devin Cooley, Bob Brodeur
Easy Eight Enterprises
Year Published
In Print
120+ pages of rules in a 3-ring binder, 3 sheets of markers/counters (one sheet in color, others in black and white) (must be mounted and cut apart). Requires use of standard deck of playing cards (not included).
Sheet of infantry counters

Sheet of color markers

Sheet of vehicle counters

Each inch on the tabletop represents "...the distance a man can crawl in one action."
Each turn represents "...the time it takes an average soldier to aim and fire a bolt-action rifle twice while being shot at."
Each figure represents an individual combatant.
Intended for use with 15mm or 20mm figures.


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Battleground: World War II
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#1001Red Devils in the Night
Red Devils
First in the publisher's series of Scenario Packs focusing on specific battles, troops, and weapons. This product focuses on the British 6th Airborne activities on the day of D-Day itself. Though these scenarios were designed for use with the Battleground: World War Two rules, they can easily be used with any skirmish-level infantry rules.

Example pages

Each scenario consists of a briefing sheet for each player, plus a third sheet with special rules, master map, designer notes, historical background, advice on finding appropriate miniatures, and optional variants.

The supplement includes:

  • background for the operation (4 pages)
    Background sheet and map showing locations for all of the scenarios

  • description of the historical battle (2 pages)
  • bibliography (2 pages)
  • description of the units involved (6 pages, including chart and two rosters)

    British parachute/glider infantry platoon roster

  • a dozen "heroes," unique leaders and soldiers to be used with the provided scenarios (6 pages)


  • descriptions of British equipment, with special rules (5 pages)
    • Rifle No.4 Mk.1
    • Sten Mk.V
    • Enfield No.2 Mk.1 Revolver
    • Bren LMG
    • Ordnance Muzzle Loading 2-Inch Mortar
    • PIAT
    • No.36M "Mills" Grenade
    • No.69 Grenade
    • No.75 Anti-Tank "Hawkins" Grenade
    • "Clam" Anti-Tank Magnetic Mine
    • No.80 WP Grenade
    • No.82 "Gammon" Grenade
  • New small-arms data chart, showing British and German weapons (1 page)
  • New vehicle data charts (2 pages)
    • Light Tank Mk.VII Tetrarch I
    • 7.5cm PAK 40 L/48 Auf GW LRS (F) (Lorraine Schlepper)

      Lorraine Schlepper data sheet (front and back)

  • New vehicles and guns data charts (2 pages)
  • New rules (4 pages)
    • night rules
    • terrain - canals, irrigation ditches, marshes
  • Scenarios (72 pages)
    Ham and Jam
    Airborne platoon must seize Pegeaus Bridge.
    Ex Coelis Chateau
    Major McLeod must neutralize a German 75mm gun at a fortified chateau.
    Para Jäger
    "Lost" paratroopers must avoid German searchers.
    Robehomme Bridge
    The British must blow this bridge, but first they need to find where their engineers have gotten to.
    Where's Merville?
    Lost, scattered paratroops encounter German vehicular traffic.
    Race for Troarn
    A jeep-load of paratroops must push through a village and destroy the Dives bridge.
    Wrong Place, Right Time
    British glider crash-lands under fire from German flak battery.
    The Last Bunker
    Assault on Merville Battery.
    Guns to the Sky
    Enemy forces blunder into each other along a road.
    Red Devil Road
    Enemy forces (again) blunder into each other, this time at a crossroads.
    V for Victory
    German counter-attack on Ranville, allowing British to use guns and vehicles that could have been present but weren't historically.
    "It's Bent, Sir"
    Paratroops must hold town center against German counter-attack.
110 pages, punched for inclusion in a 3-ring binder (provided with original ruleset)
#1002Panthers East
Panthers East
Vehicles, rules and scenarios for the Eastern front, spiral bound. The Panthers East supplement includes: 8 New Tank Sheets, Panther D, A and G, Panther F, Flak Panther, Jagdpanther, Bergepanther, and the T34/85. 10 Scenarios with new Rules for Mud, Snow and Rain, and Rules for night Vision Gear. Ownership of Easy Eight’s Battleground World War II recommended for play. Figures and dice not included.
#1003Tanker's Challenge
Tanker's Challenge
Vehicles and additional rules for all theaters, spiral bound supplement includes 36 tank charts each with special rules and hit locations for 36 of the most common and popular American, German and Russian tanks of the Second World War. Utilizing these charts will add a wealth of detail, realism, and most of all fun to any scenario fought on the game table.
#1004Normandy Nightmare
Normandy Nightmare
Rules and scenarios for fighting in the hedgerows, spiral bound. Focuses on the hedgerow country in Normandy. The embattled American 29th division fights the SS and Falschimjagers in the hell of the hedgerows leading to St. Lo. Fallschirmjager meets GI in vicious and bloody fighting in the difficult terrain around St Lo. Meet new Heroes, employ new weapons, and play eleven new scenarios featuring: Advanced Bocage Rules, American Weapons Listing, Fallschirmjagers, M4A3 Dozer Tank, and much more!
#1005Islands of Glory
Islands of Glory
Campaign pack highlights the "island-hopping" campaign waged by American Leathernecks and GIs against the island-defending troops of the feared Japanese Empire. New Pacific War rules, historical background.
#1006Crusade for Empire
Crusade for Empire
Campaign pack focuses on North Africa and the see-saw battles that took place between the Axis and the British. 20+ tank sheets are included (British/Italian/German).
#1007Men of Honor
Scenario pack highlighting some of WWII's greatest heroes, and the medals they won. Five American five German heroes are featured.
#1008Rage on the Reich
Rage on the Reich
Narva, 1944. This ancient citadel on the border between Estonia and Russia had seen endless battles throughout the ages. Now, after the Leningrad breakout, the Russians mass to unleash their revenge upon the German invaders. In their path stand a collection of foreign SS troupes from all over Europe. Will this hedgehog defense be enough to stop the Bolsheviks or will Narva stand in defiance once again? Fight for ultimate victory against the Rage On The Reich! History of the Waffen-SS and Russian units around Narva, Russian units Play Sheets, German and Russian Heroes, Advanced Trench Rules, Russian BA-64 Armored Car Tank Chart, plus, desperate Russian Front scenarios!
#1009Key to the West
Key to the West
Advance through the tough Ardennes terrain as Peiper, commanding Hitler’s last great army or prevent a desperate German attempt to cross the Muse as a US commander. Key to the West is a campaign designed to provide hours of fun and excitement. Designed around Easy Eight’s Battle Builder each commander builds their army’s to their own specifications then sends them into battle. Supplement includes: Campaign Maps, Campaign Rules, Rules for weather and terrain, Play sheets for German Night Fighting Vehicles, Special Counters, Plus much more…!
#1010Fury on the Fatherland
Fury on the Fatherland
Rules and scenarios for American featuring US Cavalry and Reconnaissance units in Germany during the last weeks of the war, spiral bound. Fast-hitting action and quick thinking spells the difference between life and death for the US Cavalry as armored cars and jeeps of the US Third Army race deep into the Reich. Do you have the guts and determination to be the "eyes and ears" of Patton's Army and the "first to fight." In Fury on the Fatherland, now you can test your mettle as one of the best - US Cavalry Recon! This supplement includes: History of Patton's Third Army from the Rhine Crossing to war's end, US Cavalry (Mechanized) organization, 1943-45, new rules and play sheets for US Cavalry Recon Scouts and Recon Teams, new improved tank charts and play sheets for the M8 Greyhound, M20 Armored Car, and Recon Jeep. New rules and play sheets for German "Sturm" Assault squads, new and improved weapon sheets featuring the M1 Carbine, M3 Grease Gun, StG-44 German Assault Rifle, Stielhandgrenate, 39 German stick grenade, 6 detailed hero sheets with quick play cards and art, 5 action packed scenarios featuring the US Cavalry Recon units, new radio rules, plus specific rules for US Cavalry Recon radios.
#1011Battleground World War II Miniature Game System Playsheets
Battleground World War II Miniature Game System Playsheets
Recreate your own battles of World War II with Easy Eight's Battleground World War II Miniature Game System Playsheets. These detailed and historically researched playsheets cover all of the basic infantry units encountered on WWII with accurate and fun rules for use with Easy Eight's Battleground WWII. Includes play sheets for US Rifle Squad, US Platoon Command, US .30 Cal MMG Team, US Anti-Tank Team, US .50 Cal Team, Us Recon Scouts, US Recon Team, Hammer’s Hellhounds (US Para’s), French Resistance, German Rifle Squad, German Rifle Platoon Command, German Panzerjagers, German Sniper Team, German Strum Squad, German MG-42 MMG Team, German Forward Observers, German Nachtjagers, Russian Rifle Squad, Russian Rifle Command, Russian Maxim HMG Team, Russian Shock Squad, Russian ATR Team, Russian Sniper Team.
#1012Artic Thunder
They went looking for a plane, they found much more. Pulp WWII pitting Soviet troops against...the ice trolls.