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Generic Outlandishly Big Spacefleets! (GOBS)

Generic Outlandishly Big Spacefleets! is the game where you control vast fleets of vessels of all shapes and sizes, from nimble little fighters to moon-sized planetsmashers. Move your ships. Fire your weapons. Launch your torpedoes. And watch your enemies explode into brilliant flashes of molten metal! Everything a budding megalomaniac… err, defender of the galaxy… could want!

G.O.B.S.! is designed to allow you to build big, custom spacefleets and fight quick, explosive battles with simple rules and little or no record keeping. Just move, shoot, and (probably) explode. What could be more fun?

G.O.B.S. introduction

Howard Shirley
Year Published
In Print
Available online (22-page PDF)
…you can use G.O.B.S.! with any spaceship miniatures you like, from those expensive metal jobs to cheap plastic toys to scratch-built wonders made from household items.
G.O.B.S. p.1
Basing, scale, etc., are entirely up to the players' preferences, and can even be mixed. GOBS can also be played with a grid or with hexes or just with rulers on a bare tabletop. If you've got ships, dice and a place to play, you can play GOBS without acquiring or altering anything at all. (Well, two sheets of paper and two pencils are needed for record keeping. But that's all.)
– Howard Shirley


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Generic Outlandishly Big Spacefleets! (GOBS)

Science Fantasy Combat on a Grand Scale

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First edition was released in January of 2005, then quickly updated in February and March of the same year. Based on those minor changes, technically what's available now is the third edition, plus the added materials in the GOBS More supplement.


G.O.B.S. More!

G.O.B.S. More!
So what does G.O.B.S. More! add? Spinal mount weapons (also known as honkiní big damage dealers), tractor beams (for slinging each other around), asteroids (for something to sling each other into), nebulae and wormholes (for added tactical fun), defense satellites (for added mayhem) and space stations (for target practice). Iíve also included some modified fighter rules to add a little more strategic and tactical planning to the game, and to simplify the fighter movement rules (which were kinda screwy). Oh, and yes, Iíve included some new fleets and races, with unique attacks and other goodies. So fire up your antimatter drives, charge weapons, and go blast your opponents into space dust!
– G.O.B.S. More! introduction

19-page PDF