Charles Laine (Charles_Laine@Baylor.Edu)

Although they are a bit expensive, I use the Chessex miniatures cases at $18 a pop. They hold 40 standard-sized miniatures.

Note that you'll have a hard time putting larger figures -- such as Citadel's Swooping Hawks or Exarchs -- in these boxes unless you cut out some of the pre-formed walls.

These boxes are extremely rugged and completely lined with foam on the inside. If you can afford it, I highly recommend them.

I look at this way...I spend a ton of time painting my miniatures, even the most basic of line troops. I want to protect my work in the best way possible. I've seen various types of tackle boxes, and I think most of them are great. You can put a lot of stuff in one box. However, if you really want to protect your work to the max, these Chessex boxes are fantastic.

Aric Watson (
Another relatively cheap option for miniature storage that I and my friends use are the cases used for storing handguns. These are usually completely foam-lined, and some have multiple levels. You can purchase a small, single-level one that can store around twenty 25mm miniatures at Meijers for around US$6. More expensive versions can store even more miniatures, can be locked, etc. Something to look into.

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