The Game Alley

Network games are played, of various types, quite often. Tournaments are also held. The main event is The Solitaire, when over 50 applicants attend the tournament. Our club is open to anyone.

6 Spigon Center
Triq Haz-Zabbar
Fgura , PLA 11, Malta

Phone: (356) (0) 9420148      

Last Updated: 16 May 1998

Great Siege Wargames Society

Town Valletta
Name Joseph. Simon Micallef (Alias Uomo Giacco)
Address 235/1, Tower Road, Sliema SLM 09, Malta
Phone 00356 332549
Wargames Most periods from Ancients, Medieval, Napoleonics, American Civil War, WWII to moderns
Roleplaying Runequest and AD&D
Boardgames plenty some of which are Machiavelli, chariot race, Axix & Allies, etc.
Computer A long time wargamer friend as a 5 computer network setup in his garage and we often have a bash at games such as Duke Nukem, F22, Diabolo etc.

If anyone of you is coming to Malta, then give me a call and we can meet.

Last Updated: 7 May 1997

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