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Demonworld Dwarf Army

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After reading the rules, it looked to me like 1,000 points would be a good size for a "starter" army.

the cards for my Dwarven army

Army design in Demonworld involves sorting through the cards that come with the Demonworld Dwarf Army Book. Each card lists a unit, its strengths and weaknesses, and its point value.

Dwarf army book for Demonworld

I eventually decided to go with a Gaeta army (that's the "traditional" Dwarven realm in Demonworld). I could afford three infantry units, a giant, and a flying unit; plus a general and a fire priest.



I figured that a "ranged combat" type unit could be useful to a Dwarven army, so I invested in some crossbowmen. The crossbowmen were painted by Bohdan Pirgatch of Old Guard Painters. (I still need to base them.)


I have no idea if this unit will be useful - but when I saw it, I knew I had to have one!


I didn't want to spend a lot of points on a general, but I was required to take one with at least a ** command rating. So I picked Argam Rustbeard. It also seemed like a good idea to take some magic along, so I paid the points for Thorbal, Servant of Fire. (In Demonworld, Dwarves don't have mages, but they do have Fire Priests.) The leaders were painted by Gary Leitzell, a professional painter. I still need to base them.


I dislike armies that are made up solely of "star" units, so I made sure to include some "plain Jane"-type infantry. These miners are basically Dwarven militia, called up from the mines to defend their realm. The miners were painted and based by Rusty of 4 Demons Painting.


Since I had two conventional infantry units, I wanted to choose something "splashy" for the third. The Orc-Slayers drew me in because of their background and their look - sort of Celtic Dwarves, wild folk, seeking to avenge their clan against the Orcs! The original artist dropped the ball (and kept the figures...), but Philgreg Painters completed a second set for us!

Demonworld Fire Elemental

In Progress

Our Dwarven mage can summon a Fire Elemental, so we'll need one of these.


I wanted to give the army at least one big "monster" type combatant, and eventually settled on a Rock Giant (the largest giants available to a Dwarven army). It was painted by J. Ira Monroe of Bwana Art Studio.