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Demonworld Fantasy Project

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For our first fantasy project, I thought it would be interesting to choose something that was a little unfamiliar to most gamers.

Selecting the scale was relatively easy. I wanted to do our first project in 15mm scale, partly because it doesn't get the publicity that 25/28mm fantasy gaming does, and partly because it would give the chance to do some articles that focused on painting units rather than individual figures.

Demonworld rulebook

A number of manufacturers, product lines, and rulesets came to mind, but in the end I selected Hobby Products' Demonworld ruleset and product line. My observation is that while Demonworld is well known - and the figures are usually ranked as some of the best 15mm fantasy figures available - most gamers don't seem to have given the game system a try. So it seemed like a natural subject for our first fantasy project.

Demonworld game in progress

The first army to be painted up will be a Dwarven army. The second army has not yet been determined.


In Progress

The design, assembling, painting and basing of a 1,000 point "starter" army of Dwarves for Hobby Products' Demonworld game.

Demonworld Isthak Army

In Planning

Our readers have chosen to pit the Isthak army against the Dwarf Army already in progress.