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28mm Napoleonic Skirmish - Fondler's Rifles Project

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As the result of a Workbench project, TMP now has a nucleus of British riflemen.

What to do with them? Fortunately, TooFatLardies publishes both a ruleset (Sharpe Practice) for the period, and a scenario book about British riflemen (The Compleat Fondler).

Richard Fondler is a character similar to that of the fictional Sharpe of the novels and films. In the third scenario of The Compleat Fondler, he first comes into contact with the 95th Rifles...


On Hold

The nucleus group of British riflemen for most of the book's scenarios.

28mm French Dragoons

On Hold

Two groups of Dragoons - twenty and thirty strong, respectively.

28mm Individuals and Characters

On Hold

British: 2nd Lieutenant Fondler, Sergeant Paisley.
French: Sergeant Bertrand, Colonel Daniel Laroux, Visage du Vache, Sergeant Desade.