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Paul Glasser writes:

At the start of the battle, the entire Union pursuit force is deployed on the east side of a dry riverbed. The Confederates have left behind two divisions as a rear guard, and the remainder of the troops are on the west side of the riverbed, including the elite French cavalry.

Union line
A long line of Union troops are deployed to hunt down and destroy the fleeing Confederates and their French allies.

The Union commanders must capture the bridge on their right flank and destroy the main body of fleeing Rebel forces. The Rebels must move the rest of the rear guard across the riverbed and hold off the pursuit force.

A low hill commands the left flank, and the battlefield is scattered with difficult terrain, including heavy brush and cornfields. A narrow road enclosed on both sides by high fences is located in the middle of the field, dividing the left and right flanks.

I commanded a cavalry group in the second line of the Union center, with several attached groups of ad-hoc infantry and artillery pieces. Although swift and well-armed, my cavalry are best used for exploiting a breakthrough - so I kept them at the back of the field until they were needed. Unfortunately, they never had a chance to exploit their speed and agility!

Terry Cabak
Terry Cabak

In the first round, the Confederate commander took a bold move and sent his troops in a column down the road towards the center of the Union line. The fences lining the road provide his troops with enough cover from the Union troops' defensive fire, and they plunge into vicious hand-to-hand fighting.

Confederate charge!
With a fierce Rebel yell, Confederate troops surge down the road and engage the center of the Union forces in vicious hand-to-hand combat.

They are able to sweep a frontline unit from the field, sending them back through the Union lines in terror! The momentum of their breakthrough carries them into the second line of troops, and they clash with one of my ad-hoc infantry groups! Although shocked by the Rebels' courage and fury, my men hold their ground and check the Confederate charge.

It was a critical success - otherwise, the Rebels would have plunged through the last ranks of Union infantry, and would have been able to turn either flank of our forces.