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First Look: 1:100 Grenadier Company

Tgunner writes:

It's a good and fairly inexpensive kit. You get two full rifle platoons equipped as rifle/MG teams in FoW terms. That is you get one MG42 for each rifle squad. You can use it as other troop types like Panzergrenadiers too, but you don't have the correct ratio of machine-guns. It you're a purist then you could just field the MG teams for that. More reasonable people would just proxy them. This works fine if you don't have actual rifle/MG teams on the board. You also get a number of panzerfausts and panzershreks too which is very handy. Honestly a German player could easily get just one or two of these boxes and have all the infantry they really need.

I will point out that you don't get any Stg44 assault rifles though, so this pack doesn't quite cover the end of the late war era. It will do a fine job covering say 1942 to early winter 1944 though.


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Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian opens up the all-plastic M5 Stuart kit recently released.

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Personal logo Editor in Chief Bill The Editor of TMP Fezian writes:

Today, let's open the Grenadier Company boxed set (GBX170), which came out as part of the D-Day: German wave of releases for Battlefront's Flames of War game.

Grenadier Company box

This box replaces Grenadier Company (GBX81), which contained the same sprues (but no Unit Cards), and was marked Medium or Late War – the new box is marked Late War, but does not have the D-Day logo on the box. The new box cover actually shows what the unit looks like when painted and based; the old box just had artwork on the cover.

Grenadier Company box (back)

The information on the back of the box has also changed. The old set listed the number of sprues, and showed pictures of the sprues; the new box lists the number of teams and Unit Cards, and more prominently states that the contents are 'all plastic'.

Grenadier Company box contents

Inside the thin cardboard box, you find a bag of plastic sprues, a bag of plastic bases, and a taped plastic envelope with Unit Cards.

Grenadier Company sprues

There are four infantry sprues (BM 022, PzGren Platoon, 2013) and four command sprues (BM 032, German Grenadier HQ, 2014). This is two more command sprues than the old box. Note that these are not the same sprues which come with the current starter set, Hit the Beach (FWBX09).

Grenadier infantry sprue

The infantry sprue usefully marks each figure with an abbreviation: ten R, six MG, two N, four PF, one PK, one O. All figures are hard plastic.

Grenadier command sprue

The command and weapons sprue has six figures, which the online instructions identify as two officers, an NCO, a radioman, and Panzerschreck loader and gunner.


There are also twelve assorted four-indent medium bases, four three-indent small bases, and four assorted two-indent small bases. The bases are brown plastic and textured, so you could just plug the figures in (after you've painted them!) and apply some flock. The online directions specify which figures go on which bases.

Unit Cards

Since the box is not marked as a D-Day release, you might be surprised at the Unit Cards: double-size D-Day German Force Card, Beach Defence Grenadier Platoon (two of these), and Beach Defence Grenadier Company HQ.

This is a basic set for any WWII German player. The figures look to have a lot of character.